Why FR Stationwear?

Why would you ever wear the best FR turn out gear that money can buy over non-FR garments? The short answer: You wouldn’t.

The technology of FR fabrics has seen so many innovations in recent years that the days of using non-FR fabrics for stationwear are over. We offer stationwear solutions that protect you from the skin out. Don’t settle for just one layer of FR protection; get FR protection that keeps you safe on a call, on the go or even just spending time in the station.

It’s no longer just about protection, now you can have comfort and good appearance and durability…all at your fingertips. Choosing the right stationwear is an important part of creating the appropriate ensemble and you need the right information to make the best choice you can.

Protection From The Skin Out

We’ve worked hard to engineer base layer FR fabrics that live right next to the skin. These layers provide inherent FR protection as well as active moisture wicking properties. Coolderm™ Technology provides comfort by moving moisture away from the skin so it dries quickly to keep you cooler on the job. TechT4™ and TechT5™ both offer excellent FR protection and all the advantages of Coolderm™ Technology. They’re light enough for tee shirts and still provide good FR protection.

If you couple these base layers with Tecasafe Plus Stationwear fabrics, the effects of Coolderm™ Technology are doubled and the protection and comfort are expanded. This creates a system that moves moisture and sweat away from the skin to create more comfort for you and to reduce the risk of heat stress while on the job.

Finally, by paring these elements with one of our thermal liners with an inherently wicking facecloth, they system is expanded yet again and the moisture is another layer removed from your skin providing maximum comfort.

Protection From The Skin Out

The most important protection lives right next to your skin.

Flame Resistant

All stationwear.com fabrics are inherently flame resistant. The FR properties will never wash out or wear out.

Coolderm™ Technology

Coolderm™ Technology fabrics are engineered with active moisture wicking to keep you cooler, drier and more comfortable on the job.


Being comfortable on the job is part of being safe. Stationwear.com fabrics are engineered for maximum comfort.

Find the right fabrics, based on your needs.

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