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Base Layer FR

Tencate TechT4: Make it the First Thing You Put On
Protection isn’t complete until it lives next to your skin. TechT4 fabrics provide the first layer of defense and the first layer of comfort for t-shirts and other undergarments.

This remarkably innovative fabric brings ease of wear and flame resistance in an incredibly lightweight base layer textile at 4.8 osy (160 gsm). TechT4 makes the perfect addition to multi-layer, flame-resistant clothing systems.

TechT4 is non-contributory which means that it won’t ignite, melt or drip and it enhances the protection of FR outer layers. TechT4 also features COOLDERM Technology and is extraordinarily soft and comfortable, providing better protection than cotton.

TechT4 wears like an athletic tee shirt with the added bonus of inherent FR protection and moisture management. It’s a fabric that looks good, wears well and will give firefighters the comfort and protection they need beneath their stationwear and bunker gear.