TenCate brings Tecasafe® STATIONWEAR to the fire service market. A new navy shade that was developed especially for stationwear is now the hallmark for Tecasafe® fabrics for firefighters. The same great Tecasafe performance now designed just forstationwear.

Tecasafe STATIONWEAR  woven fabric is available in several weights and all are certified to NFPA 1975.

Tecasafe STATIONWEAR 580 (5.8 osy or 200 gsm)

Tecasafe STATIONWEAR 700 (7.0 osy or 240 gsm)

Tecasafe® STATIONWEAR 850 (8.5 osy or 290 gsm)

Tecasafe STATIONWEAR also provides excellent FR protection with knit fabrics. These lightweight knits come in at 6.7 osy (230 gsm) and give the wearer all the FR protection they will need and all the comfort of every day garments.

Still need shades other than navy? No problem, you can still get the trusted Tecasafe® Plus fabrics in the same weights as Tecasafe STATIONWEAR but in a variety of other colors.

The TenCate Tecasafe® family of fabrics provides firefighters with stationwear that feels just like normal apparel. Available in woven as well as knit fabrics in a variety of colors and weights, Tecasafe® ensures protection, comfort and durability.